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Beiimaan Love Full Movie(2018)

Sunaina announces at their company stage programme that Daniel is the man behind her success. At the programme reception area, Businessman father and son Raj meet Sunaina and walks out of the area. At home, the Raj’s father sits in anger and tells his son to allow him to be alone. Son in law Naresh tells Raj is the cause for the business lost their father is facing now. Raj now goes to Sunaina house angry where securities try to stop Raj. Sunaina tells he still loves Raj. Raj tells now it’s late and leaves the house. Sunaina watches Raj leaving. Scene shifts back to a night pub. Sunaina comes to attend her friend Natasha birthday party. Raj fully drunk tries to embrace Sunaina who protest against but Raj again tries to hug Sunaina. Now Sunaina beats on Raj face. Raj full of anger tells Naresh that he will take revenge and want to find out that girl. Finally, Sunaina is seen coming out of office by Raj who now realize she working in their company. Now Raj bets Naresh he will be a slave if he cannot act as a lover and later betray Sunaina


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